Oil and Oil Filter Change in Daphne, AL

One of the most critical maintenance jobs for your vehicle is changing the engine’s oil and oil filter. It provides smooth lubrication for your engine. Previously, an oil and oil filter change were advised after every 3,000 miles. However, this doesn’t hold true anymore. Most manufacturers recommend that you change the oil and oil filter every 7,500 miles or more. Of course, every vehicle is different. Thus, your vehicle owner manual will give recommendations on how often to change your oil and oil filter.

The way you drive your vehicle may also impact how often you may need to undertake an oil change. For instance, if you’re towing a trailer, driving on rough terrain, or taking frequent trips to the mountains, the chances are that you may need to change your vehicle’s oil and oil filter more frequently.


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Why Is it Important to Replace Oil and Oil Filter?

The oil lubricates the engine so that the metal components do not damage one another. As it ages though, it begins to collect debris over time, which reduces the lubrication it provides. It loses its effectiveness. Thus, an oil change is of utmost importance.

On the other hand, the oil filter sieves for combustion contaminants, dirt, and carbon deposits from the engine oil. It stops these contaminants from reaching the engine. Meanwhile, it gradually becomes clogged and reduces the amount of clean oil passing through the oil filter. This situation calls for an oil filter replacement.

Where to Get an Oil and Oil Filter Change in Daphne, AL?

Scheduling a service appointment for an oil and oil filter change is easy and convenient at Team Gunther VW in Daphne, AL. Our technicians are adept at a host of other services too. Therefore, if you need a front-end alignment, brake replacement, muffler or exhaust repair, coolant flush, tire balance, or filter replacement, you could drop in or schedule a service appointment.

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