The VW ID.4 can communicate without being distracting

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology, Volkswagen ID.4 on Friday, February 5th, 2021 at 7:16 pm
A photo of the ID.Light system in the Volkswagen ID.4.

What does the light under the windshield of the Volkswagen ID.4 do?

It seems like a bit of an understatement to say that the coming Volkswagen ID.4 electric crossover SUV is going to introduce the automaker’s customers to new technologyObviously, the vehicle’s high-performing, high-efficiency powertrain is going to break new ground, but equally changing is how the vehicle and the driver will interact with one another. So, what does the light under the windshield of the Volkswagen ID.4 do? Current vehicles relay information to drivers using digital screens. This has been a game-changer for sure, but this method also runs the risk of overwhelming or distracting drivers. The ID. Light system will give drivers the cues and information they need without requiring them to take their eyes off of the road. Let’s take a closer look. 

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“We were looking for a new kind of communication between the car and the human,” Mathias Kuhn, Head of User Interface Design at Volkswagen said, in a press release. “We wanted to create a minimalistic, yet revolutionary interaction that was both easy to understand and emotional.”

What do the lights mean? 

At its core, the ID. Light interface is a thin line of more than 50 LED lights that will give drivers different messages based on the color that is shown, white, blue, green and red

White — A specific welcome animation will show up as white and blue lights when the vehicle is turned on. This was deemed necessary because, as an electric platform, the ID.4 won’t make any sounds when it’s running. White lights will also show up when someone uses voice-recognition.  

Blue — According to the automaker, a series of blue lights will be displayed when one of the on-board systems are engaged, like the navigation capability.  

Green — Naturally, a hands-free phone system will be included in the vehicle’s array of technology. A green light means that there is an incoming phone that needs to be answered or rejected. 

Red — A flashing red light means danger, like when the driver must hit the brakes very hard. 

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