Say goodbye to the Beetle with us and hello to the future

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQs, Just For Fun, Volkswagen Beetle on Thursday, January 16th, 2020 at 8:44 pm
A photo of an original Volkswagen Beetle parked in a garage.

Is Volkswagen really canceling the Beetle?

The Volkswagen Beetle is arguably the vehicle that make the automaker famous. When VW announced that they were shuttering production of its iconic platform this year, nobody at the Team Gunther Volkswagen showroom really wanted to believe it. But as people have come into the showroom to ask, ‘Is Volkswagen really canceling the Beetle,’ we have had to come to terms by continually answering, yes. While it is always sad when a popular vehicle goes away, the future of the Volkswagen brand is very exciting. As a couple of our product experts were talking about their favorite Beetle memories, they came across this touching farewell video produced by Volkswagen. We also didn’t want to end on a down note, so we also included a glimpse of the future. Let’s take a look and mourn together. 

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