Do seatbelt tickets affect insurance rates in Alabama?

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Seatbelt Citation Impact on Insurance Rates

We all want to keep our insurance rates low. Generally, we do this by showing our insurance companies we are a responsible, safe driver. Of course, the unexpected can always occur, and even incidents beyond our control can cause our rates to rise.

One thing we can control is wearing a seatbelt. We have all heard how important it is to stay safe by keeping that safety belt clicked and secure. But what if you forget, and get a ticket? Will a seatbelt ticket or citation affect your insurance rates in Alabama?

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Whether seatbelt tickets will affect your insurance rate or not depends on your insurance company. Your provider also determines if they’ll increase it for just one violation, and how much the rates will go up. However, the chances that your rates will increase go up with every additional traffic violation that you have, as this leads your company closer to the conclusion that you are an unsafe driver.

Why is it important to wear a seatbelt?

It’s The Law

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Whether your insurance rates increase or not, one thing is for certain: it’s important to wear your seatbelt. Alabama seatbelt law states that each front-seat occupant of a passenger car must have a safety belt properly fastened about their body any time the vehicle is in motion.

If you get busted for not following this rule, the citation fine is $25.00. So, as they say, “click it or ticket!”

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It Can Save Your Life

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If you’re a typical Alabama driver, there’s a 54.1% chance that you’ll be involved in a fatal or injury-causing crash in your lifetime. This statistic sounds scary, but we share it so that you recognize how important it is to keep your seatbelt fastened.

Seatbelts reduce the risk of death for adult drivers by 45%. For toddlers, the risk is reduced 54% when they’re buckled, and for infants, the risk is reduced a striking 71%. So stay safe everyone, and buckle up!

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