Why are Volkswagen vehicles cheaper than other German cars?

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Several different Volkswagen vehicles are arranged in formation on a green field.

High-Quality Engineering at Affordable Prices

German cars have an enduring reputation for high-quality engineering coupled with a pampering dose of luxury. Unfortunately, these much-sought after virtues also bring an inevitably steep price tag. That is, except for one brand: Volkswagen. Why is Volkswagen the German brand that manages to sell cars at prices attainable by (what some would consider) the average American?

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It all goes back to the very beginning of the history of Volkswagen. Though we won’t go into the full story here, we will say that Volkswagen was founded on the idea of creating a practical, well-designed vehicle that could be purchased by the average citizen. This is what gave birth to the idea of Volkswagen, which means “Folks’ Wagon,” or “People’s Car.” The vehicles were built to be high-quality yet affordable, and they were.

In the many years since its creation, Volkswagen has stayed true to the idea that there needs to be a good car available for the people: something that is well-made and enjoyable, yet attainable. That’s why Volkswagen cars remain so fairly priced to this day.

A car key sits atop a spread of several $100 bills fanned out upon a wooden surface.Why are other German brands more expensive?

Volkswagen vehicles are not budget cars, but they occupy an excellent price point considering the value they bring. Volkswagen customers value good durability and high-quality engineering, and don’t need the more superfluous luxury touches employed by other German brands.

Unlike those luxury brands, which occupy top-tier price ranges that compose standard playing-field of most German-made vehicles, Volkswagen occupies a segment of the market with plenty of competition from domestic and other manufacturers.

Instead of relying on elaborate luxury and technology trinkets, along with inflated brand cache, they have managed to thrive by delivering premium German engineering at great prices, making their vehicles renowned for the phenomenal value they deliver.

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Are Volkswagen vehicles cheaper in Germany or in the U.S.?

Interestingly, similarly equipped Volkswagen vehicles are cheaper in the United States than they are in Germany. Volkswagen does, however, offer budget cars in Germany that are not available in the U.S. These include the VW Polo and the VW Up, the latter of which starts at only 9,975 euro. It seems that, while Germans do make and use budget cars, they don’t like to sell them across the pond.


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